Top 20 Reasons To Switch To Google+ By Infographic Presentation

Google Plus is quite new in the arena of Social network. It crossed the 100 million user line. Google plus is now getting attention of more people. Google has many services thats why it is quite popular.

The Infographic Labs have made this infographic presentation that explains the reasons why you should switch to Google+  from your other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Some stats are also included in the infographic.

20 Reasons To Switch To Google+ 

1. Integrates with other Google services like Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs, etc.

2. Make circles with your friends on Google+

3. Google+ Mobile app best for Android phone.

4. Total control over your data on Google Plus. You can delete it, move or copy it very easily.

5. easy photo tagging with much more privacy.

6. Create Hangouts and make video chat with your friends in real time.

7. Easy privacy settings.

8. Easier Profile setup

9. Google+ integrates with the Chrome browser.

10. Easily track hot and trending topics.

11. Better search with Google Plus.

12. Elegant Notifications.

13. Friendship make easier. Just add and delete people from your circles.

14. Less bloat.

15. Better ads.

16. Better games implementation.

17. Share with the world.

18. Better for business.

19. Ignore people you don’t like and mute their posts.

20. Easily Edit photos and save with Google Photo Galleries.

20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

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