Top 13 Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization SEO Trends 2019

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is getting tough day by day. Google is punishing bad websites. Taking the right kind of traffic from Google is the target of SEO. Keywords are important. Choose your audience and focus on writing essential topics revolving around that keyword. Images are a good way to attract more traffic. Google changes its search algorithm regularly. So you need to be updated with the latest tactics. Here is a list of SEO Trends 2019 in Google.


13 Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization

  1. Follow your Visitors TrendsKeep an eye on visitors. What are they doing on your website? Why are they here? What are they looking for? If you can provide their necessity they will come back.
  2. Google is not the only one. There are other alternatives also. So write for them. Don’t just focus on SEO and keywords etc. 
  3. Structured Data Markup is the latest key used by AI. Use Structured Data whenever possible. is the attempt of search engines to make structured markup easier to understand for website owners and search crawlers. See here: Understanding Markup Guide for Beginners

  4. Exceptional Content will attract more visitors and also google. Write a quality blog and post with more depth. Don’t just write a post to keep your blog alive. It won’t be enough now. It’s better to do one post that is properly distributed every few months than doing several per month that will only receive a few visits.
  5. Customer support with related help. Answer to the reader’s questions. Respond quickly. That’s the key to a happy customer.
  6. Make an easy to navigate website. Don’t put tons of link in the homepage. If the visitors get annoyed, he will leave instantly because there are other choices. Other results in google result.
  7. Make a fast website for both desktop and mobile. There are millions of mobile visitors. With the advancement of android, there will be more. keep it in mind.
  8. Voice search is becoming more prominent. 
  9. Featured Snippets is needed to get more traffic. Add markup to your website.
  10. Keyword relevance and backlinks are still important.
  11. Keep an eye on You will find the latest news and updates SEO tips directly from Google.
  12. Page speed is a fact. A faster website is liked by both google and human being. No one wants to sit around to load your lazy website.
  13. Make a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, Google will penalize your site. use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test to analyze your page and see if you’re mobile-friendly.

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