How To Test Websites in Opera Mini Simulator Download Opera Emulator

Have you ever tested your website on Mobile device. If not so, its high time to think seriously. Because there are thousands of users who visits your site from mobile device. Not to mention that Android is growing faster and bigger. There are actually many ways to test your site in mobile device. I actually have Nokia 6303 classic. And I tested my all site through it. But if you don’t have this opportunity, you can always use Opera Mini Simulator. Here is a live demo of Opera Mini 7.1 that functions as it would when installed on a handset. You will Get a taste of what your site looks like on non-smartphones by using the Opera Mini Simulator inside your web browser. You want to make your site Responsive, Right? Then you must see how does it looks in Different aspects.

Some times I just lost the page. So this post will always remind me where it is.

Opera Mini Simulator

It is Powered by MicroEmulator, a pure Java implementation of Java 2 Micro Edition in Java 2 Standard Edition licensed under LGPL.

Test Websites in Opera Mini Simulator

How to Use Opera Mini Simulator:

Use your mouse or keyboard to control the simulator.
F1, F2 function keys, Arrow keys and Enter to Navigate.

Download Mobile Classic Emulator

You can also Download the Opera Mobile Classic Emulator. You will get more control over it. A lot of options to choose. Various profiles such as Amazon, Kindle, Nokia, LG, Asus, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Sony Experia etc. Different resolutions, Pixel density, user interface like as touch, keypad, etc. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Opera Emulator

Opera Mobile Classic Emulator 12.1 for Windows

Opera Mobile Classic Emulator 12.1 for Mac

Opera Mobile Classic Emulator 12.1 for Linux


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