How To Start Windows 7 Faster Without Any Software

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system in the world. Windows XP and Vista are also used by many user around the world. It is also highly user friendly. But sometimes you may get bored if it takes a lot times to start. People usually dont want to sit in-front of computer waiting to see its Start.

There are many reasons behind this increased start up time. Your PC loads a lot of programs or application every time it starts. Each auto loading application and programmes slows your start up time. So if you can disable the options that you don’t want to start during the boot up time, you can make Start Windows 7 Faster.

How to Disable Unnecessary Start up Programme

Step 1. Click on Start Menu> Write msconfig Or Start>Run>msconfig>ok
Step 2. Run msconfig
Step 3. Click on Start up.
Step 4. Unselect the programme that you don’t want to start  during boot up. Be careful, Dont Unselect the progamme that are essential to the operation of Windows.

How to Make Windows Start Faster

You can use System Cleaner software to keep your computer clean. I would like to recommend you to use CCleaner. Its the best that i ever had. You can also select Start up Application. See my previous post about the CCleaner.

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