Sneaky Apps & Your Personal Information Protection Infographics

This is the era of latest technology. Social sites are leading this World. Most people out there are using these social site. Privacy has become a major concern. Also the Smart phone has added spice to it. Various applications are available to enrich your smart phone. These apps required much personal information and data. So you must be careful about what you are giving them. These could be vulnerable. You must be aware of protecting information that you have shared online.

personal information on the internet

This  beautiful infographic made by will show you some statics. Then some smart phone apps to watch for and keep a close look. These includes Linked In, Girls around Me, Path, Glancee, Background check, Busted book’s spy guide, High Light. YOu will be given an privacy policy if any apps collects your personal information. This agreement was passed in February, 2012. There are also some guidelines for developers to make apps. And at last How to stops apps from tracking you.

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