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“My computer is slow, how to make my computer fast-” a common complaint by pc user. Your computer may perform lazy if you dont clean it up and take care of it. But manually doing it is quite tough. So here id Fix Bee to make your computer fast. FixBee’s advanced technology optimizes and cleans your computer in minutes. And more of it is its For free.

Does you PC suffer from:

  • Slow start up and shutdown times.
  • Frequent crashes and errors.
  • Duplicate or unused files.
  • Slow program reponse times.
  • Poor overall system performance.

FixBee can correct all of these issues in a few clicks of your mouse.

FixBee  Features That you will admire:

1. Simple Powerful PC repair: FixBee offers advanced PC defragmentation that is easy to use and is completely free of charge.

2. Quick to install, Easy to Use: If your computer is responds slowly, FixBee can bring it back to speed in just a matter of minutes. Just install, scan and fix.

3. Clean And Repair Your Hard drive: Not only does FixBee repair errors on your PC, it removes junk files that just take up space and slow down your computer. It also improves the performance of your Hard drive.

4. Keep your Hive Clean: When you add files to your hard drive it doesn’t fill up in an organized way. Because your computer has to sort through this unordered data it runs more slowly. FixBee organizes or “defragments” the data and makes your PC faster.

5. Get rid of Junk: Your PC is full of unnecessary files and duplicates. FixBee sorts through this data and not only organizes it neatly, it deletes leftover and useless files.

6. Bee Safe Quickly: Keeping your computer defragmented and free of junk files will help it perform better over the long term. With FixBee, all of this complicated work is handled in a matter of minutes.

Figure: Disc Optimization Scan Result of my PC

7. Scheduled Maintenance: To keep your PC running smoothly, FixBee provides automated maintenance so you don’t even have to worry about remembering to defragment your computer!

The only thing that i dont like is the toolbar it wants to install and set your home page to a related search site. Just make sure to do the custom installation and unchecked the boxes instead of typical, if you don’t want to install the ad-driven toolbar and reset your homepage.

About FixBee

“FixBee was designed with you in mind. We have taken some of the leading PC Speed Up software available and customized it to be simple and straightforward. Although other companies charge for similar products, we believe that users should have access to the tools that can fix their computers free of charge.

With FixBee you can run a scan, fix all of the detected problems and continue to use the product as often as you want, without ever paying a penny.”

Homepage of FixBee

Download FixBee

Download: Offline installer of FixBee| 4.2 MB (Recommended)

Download: FixBee Web Installer | 456 KB (Ad-supported)

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