How To Show Related Posts in Genesis Without Plugin

You can display or Add Related Post in Genesis theme framework without a plugin. All you need to do is, just add some code in functions.php. Here’s I am going to show you how to do that. We all know the importance of Related Posts. The Less plugin, less database load. More fast website. My point is, If you can do anything without plugin, then go for it. Also there are some good plugin in the WordPress like Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, nRelate Related Content etc. See here 5 Best Related Posts Plugins. You can show or omit thumbnail. But I think it is not wise to use thumbnail. Both the above plugin have option to show thumbnail. If you really want to use plugin, I would suggest to use the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin AKA YARRP. This method also improves the total page loading, and improves user experience.

In the below tutorial, Related posts can be displayed based on tags or categories. I have used the Category based. You may also add some css code tin style.css to modify the looking.

Define the number of posts to display by changing value in 'showposts' => 5

How to display related posts in Genesis Theme without a Plugin

Show Related Posts in Genesis Based on Category:

Add this code to functions.php file in Genesis Child Theme and save it.

Display Related Posts in Genesis based on Tags

Add this code to functions.php file in Genesis Child Theme and save it.

Make Some Style:

Add this code to child theme style.css

Okay you are done.

Thanks for reading this post.

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