How to uninstall disable Mozilla Firefox Pocket and Hello System Add-ons

Previously Mozilla Firefox added Hello and Pocket system add-ons. Many of you didn’t like that. There are different ways to uninstall them. Here I will show you one of the easiest way. We will do it by about:performance configuration. about:performance shows the performance of installed add-ons and web pages in tab. From here you can either disable or uninstall it completely.

These system add-ons are quite new features in firefox browser. They are separate from other user add-ons. They behave like user add-ons but you cannot control them. They will be updated in regular basis without updating the whole firefox browser.

How to uninstall disable Mozilla Firefox Pocket and Hello System Add-ons

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How to find out your system add-ons?

Open firefox browser
Write about:support in the address bar
Scroll down to the extensions section
You will find all the installed extensions.
If you can’t yet find out the system addons, open a new tab
Write about:support in the address bar, see your installed extensions. Those are not listed here are your system add-ons.

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How to Disable Pocket and Hello System add-ons

Open the firefox new tab
Write about:performance in the address bar.
You will see the system add-ons.
Click on Disable/Uninstall. Restart the firefox And you are done.


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