How to Play Youtube Videos Automatically at HD [Youtube Tips]

Youtube is the ultimate Video site. There are virtually no people who dont use youtube. The problem i was facing, that youtube always play videos in 480P. But i have a high speed internet connection. When i set the quality to manually to 1080P, it plays smoothly. But i dont want to set it HD everytime. So i was searching the solution. I have found two options. With or without Extensions.

There are standard definition (such as 240p or 360p) to high definition (720p or 1080p). I prefer the 720p.

As mentioned here in youtube answer of Video quality they say if i have high internet speed, it can always play video in high definition. You tube adjusts the quality of video according to my internet speed. Sometimes i notice that the quality of videos changes. But i am not satisfied. So how to do it without extensions?

Play Youtube Videos HD Automatically without extensions:

Change the video quality by going to the gear icon in the corner of the video player, and selecting your preferred quality. If you have a fast Internet connection, you can change your settings to make sure videos always play in HD qualities when they’re available:

  1. Go to your Settings page.
  2. Select Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size.
  3. Click the Save button.

How to Play Youtube Videos Automatically at HD [Youtube Tips]

There are some useful extensions for youtube. They not only solve the video playback problem, but also have other capacities. As for example some of them provide adblock functions.

For Google Chrome:

Magic Actions for YouTube

Updated: May 29, 2016
Size: 453KiB

The most popular and most downloaded extensions for youtube. It is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for a more comfortable watching experience.


  • AutoHD feature – start play all YouTube™ videos in HD
  • Instant control over volume by scrolling mouse wheel! [i dont like this feature]
  • Cinema Mode
  • Take snapshot from playing video and save as PNG, JPEG or WEBP image format!
  • Cool Day/Night toggle swicth to browse YouTube in black or white
  • Auto Wide – always play in wide player mode works with HTML5 player!
  • Ability to hide comments, related videos, etc.

HD for YouTube

Version: 2.0
Updated: November 17, 2015
Size: 145KiB

Just what are you searching for. Extra feature include Dark Mode!

Enhancer for YouTube [I Use this]

Version: 2.0.7
Updated: May 29, 2016
Size: 193KiB

This does double job, Auto HD + Adblock. Enhancer for YouTube™ is a very lightweight extension that is highly customisable, easy to use, and that will greatly improve your YouTube™ experience!


  • Automatically play videos in 4K, HD, or any other preferred format (works for embedded videos*)
  • Control sound volume with the mouse wheel
  • Remove ads from videos (automatically or on-demand)
  • Remove annotations (automatically or on-demand)
  • Disable autoplay
  • Disable preloading
  • Automatically play videos using a better cinema mode
  • Automatically enlarge the video player

For Mozilla Firefox

YouTube High Definition

Enhancer for YouTube

So what are you using? Let us know.

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