How To Increase Browsing Speed on Opera Mini Browser

Opera mini is the most used browser for mobile. It is mainly used for the Java S40 mobile. Also available for other systems such as Opera Mobile etc. Today i will show you how to increase the browsing speed in Opera Mini. Opera mini is the most user friendly browser for mobile. The fastest browsing experience available for your phone or tablet—Opera’s rendering speed and efficient controls put it ahead of other browsers. It also Saves money on mobile data plans by taking advantage of Opera’s compression technology to reduce data costs by up to 90%.

At first Download Latest Opera Mini Browser for your mobile from here: Download Opera Mini

Increase Browsing Speed on Opera Mini Browser:

1. Download opera mini from above link and Install on your mobile phone. Allow the necessary settings & Accept the EULA ( End-User-License-Agreement ).

2. In the Browser’s address bar “Write Address” section , write about:config

3. Load the page and wait. You will get  a new page with some options like as below, change them:

  1. Large placeholders for images. (Default:Yes) Change it No
  2. Fit text to screen (Default:Yes) Keep it Yes
  3. Loading Timeout (default:30) Change it to 3600
  4. Site patches and user-agent masking (default Yes) Make it No
  5. Keep styling in RSS feeds (default:No) Keep it No
  6. Show feedindex (default:Yes) Make it No
  7. Fold linklists (default:Yes) Keep it Yes
  8. Phonenumber detection (default: Yes)
  9. Minimum phone number length (Default:7) Make it 9
  10. Use bitmap fonts for complex s (Default=No) If you cant specific language except English then you can change it to Yes, but it will cost more date and money and ultimately slows the browsers.
Not finished yet. Follow the below 2 procedure to get a faster web browseing experience with Opera Mini.
4. In opera mini go to Settings> Advanced> Protocol> Select Socket/HTTP.
5. Write this link on your Opera Mini browser and load . It will enable Opera Turbo mode. When Opera Turbo is enabled, webpages are compressed via Opera’s servers so that they use much less data than the originals. This means that there is less to download, so you can see your webpages more quickly.

Then Click on Save. Restart your browser and feel the change.

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