How to Hide Folder in Your Mobile Without Software

I am using Nokia 6303 Classic. Its a java Phone. I needed to hide some folder, so i searched the internet and find these. There is also another process which requires File explorer software, But if my friend see a file explorer software in my mobile he will be more curious about my hidden folder. So here is the process to Hide or Protect any folder or document in your mobile without software. To hide folder in you java mobile simply follow these below steps. You will be able to hide folder in your mobile with this procedure.

How to Hide or Protect any folder in your mobile without software

How to Hide Folder:

Step 1.At first select a folder which you want to hide. Or make a new folder.

Step 2.Now Rename the folder, but keep .jad at the end of the folder. For example If you want to hide the “personal” folder, just¬† rename it as personal.jad.

Step 3.Keep anything in the personal.jad folder. We will hide this folder.

Step 4.Then Make another folder with the same name but keep .jar at the end of the folder. For example make a folder named by personal.jar

Step 5.Your first folder personal.jad has vanished. There is only personal.jar which is only 0.00KB ! !

Only the file explorer or computer can find out your folder.
How to recover your hidden folder? Its more easy,  just rename the personal.jar folder. Your hidden folder personal.jad will come back.

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