How To Get Back The Start Menu in Windows 8 Free

Windows 8 is now rocking the world of computer. But Missing the classic start menu button in Windows 8. Here are two tips to bring back the Basic start menu. These are third party software that will give you back this.

Microsoft Corporation has removed the Start menu in Windows 8 to help people to use the Start screen. The Start screen also has some benefits. Live Tiles can clue you in to the latest e-mails, appointments, news, and other information. You can easily search for any app, setting, or file just by typing its name. But Do you feel its uneasy ! Then follow these below steps. Yet another Start menu replacer for Windows 8 known as Power 8 and ViStart will do this for us.

Power 8

Basically Designed for Windows8, works under XP SP3 and Se7en SP1 as well. This small installer file will show a classic start menu button at the usual place at Windows 8. It Launches and positions itself in the Taskbar opposite to Show Desktop button automatically. Activated by hot key (Alt+Z). From the left pane, you can pin your favorite applications and access all your programs via the Programs menu. From the right pane, you can open specific folders, such as Computer, Libraries, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and Network. Right-clicking on Power8’s Start button shows a pop-up menu with several options to configure.

Get the Windows Start Menu back on Windows 8

On Main button right-click:

  • Allows to toggle auto-start;
  • Allows to enable automatic check for updates
  • Allows to block Metro corner mouse rectangles
  • Allows to show About window
  • Allows to exit application;


  1. No system files patching;
  2. No hooks over system objects;
  3. No app-init DLLs;
  4. No additional services, drivers, etc;
  5. No trash in registry;
  6. No installation – just unpack and launch;
  7. Small, fast and powerful;
  8. Open-source;

Download Power 8


ViStart is another way to get the Windows Start Menu back on Windows 8. ViStart restores the windows start menu and doesn’t overlap the existing items on the Windows taskbar. ViStart is the only software that actually restores a replica of the windows start menu on Windows 8. So now users can enjoy a fully functional start menu on Windows 8. It can also take on the color scheme of Windows 7. The menu looks and functions almost identically to what you’re already used to, and it installs fine in Windows 8, pushing over your other toolbar icons to make room for itself.

Get the Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 8

But carefull during installing. It installs RegClean, a pc clearing software. ViStart wants to install other software when you install it – click the Decline button. Babylon, a search engine also tries to install. I would recommend not to install. One bonus is that ViStart takes over your Windows key. Pressing the Windows key opens the ViStart Start menu, not the Metro-style Start screen.

Download ViStart

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