How To Add Drop Caps, Notes And Alerts In Thesis Theme, Style Your Post

The Most SEO optimizes Thesis Theme Comes with various options to make your post stylish and beautiful. You just need to add some code which is also easy. You can improve your post by these styling tips. Follow the below instructions to add drop caps, Notes and Alert in your most.

How To Add Drop Caps:

You may have seen drop caps in newspaper or any other website. Just like the first word of this post. You may have wanted to add this in your blog. So to add drop caps manually you will need to add this code where you want to add drop caps.

First Switch to HTML mode by clicking in the “html” link in the upper right corner of the post writing box as shown in the below figure.
HTML section of post: Style thesis theme post, add drop caps, alerts and notesNow, you’ll need to wrap the letter you want to make a drop cap. Copy the code below add to post., just where you want to add drop caps.

<span class="drop_cap">T</span>his is my paragraph. 
The "T" is my drop cap.

 How To Add Notes:

You may want to grab special attention of your reader or just highlight some event or date in your blog, then you need to make a note and separate it from the whole post. You know all reader does not read the whole post, they just look over the post and you can get their attention by adding Notes. See the DEMO below of Notes.

This is a Demo Note

To create a note Go to HTML section just as before and Copy the Below Code and Add your Text.

<p class="note">
Your note text goes here!</p>

How To Add Alerts:

Alerts are special version of Note. With a more highlighted option. See the Demo below

Alert ! Dont Forget To Bookmark This Page!

To add alert and Highlight Special Things Copy The Below Code. Go to html section and paste there. Change as you want.

<p class="alert">
Your alert text goes here!</p>

Thanks For Reading this Post, I hope you will enjoy it.

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