GP SMS Bundle Offer 5 tk 100 SMS or 20 tk 5000 SMS

Grameen phone is the most popular mobile phone operator in bangladesh. It has the largest number of subscriber. Even i am using GP Sim from 2008. My phone number is 0171927352*. It was the old Djuice series and i am still using Djuice. Its true that GP charges a lot. Thats why some people also call it *Haramir Phone* :P. Anyway we can not ignore the influence of Grameen Phone in our daily life. Grameen phone is the only operator to reach the remote corner of Bangladesh. It has the highest number of BTS Network in our country. I can still remember the day, when 1 minutes call costs 7 taka.

However Eid is coming and many people want to send EID  SMS to nearest and dearest ones. Here is the Grameen Phone SMS bundle offer. I think you should buy this bundle as it will costs very minimum. I got this SMS from GP about GP SMS bundle offer. That says 5000 sms at only 20 taka + VAT. Its validity is 7 days. later i visited the Grameen phone website and found another offer. That is 100 sms at 5 taka with 3 days validity.

GP SMS Bundle Offer 5 tk 100 SMS or 20 tk 5000 SMS

How to Buy 100 SMS at 5 taka?

Grameenphone is offering 100 GP-GP SMS at BDT 5. This offer will be applicable for all GP Prepaid. Customers can enjoy this offer after receiving the confirmation SMS. The bundle SMS will be applicable for GP-GP SMS only.

To get this SMS Offer, either dial *111*10*6# or send SMS by typing the keyword START SMS and send the SMS to 9999.

Charge BDT 5 (+VAT + SD ) for availing the bundle SMS offer.GP SMS Bundle Offer 5 tk 100 SMS or 20 tk 5000 SMS

Validity of the SMS bundle will be 3 days.

To check the balance of the SMS, customers can dial *566*2# (free)

SMS value will be accumulated with every new purchase, that means previously unused sms will be added if you buy new bundle within the validity period.

Source in GP : Link

How to Buy 500 SMS at 20 taka?


Well, this sms was sent to me. Here is the deal. 5000 sms to any GP number for 20 taka plus vat and sd. The validity is 7 days. To buy this offer Write s8 and send to 8426.


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