Five Reasons To Use Grameen Phone SIM

Here are five reasons why you’re using Grameen Phone SIM! Grameen Phone is the largest and leading telecom company in Bangladesh. It has more than 54.5 million users for its great network coverage. Most of the areas of the country cover its network. This is the biggest mobile operator in Bangladesh that jointly operates with Grameen Telecom, Bangladesh, and Telenor, Norway.

Top Five Reasons Why You’re Using Grameen Phone SIM

Grameen Phone SIM

There are many reasons to choose Grameen Phone SIM. For example, it has a strong network, easily accessible customer services, cheap & availability of SIM cards and much more. Here are the top five reasons why you’re using Grameen Phone SIM. Desired customers can easily take these offers.

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1. Strong, Customer Oriented Service of the Grameen Phone

The simple and straight vision of Grameen Phone shows its strong, customer-oriented service – they help to help. They are well recognized for their existence to help to the customers’ full benefit and satisfaction for their daily lives’ communication services. The achievable key of them is to work together and draw their renewed values along with building their guiding light to make easy communication with each other. They are bound to keep promise with respect and inspiration. Grameen Phone is the global driving force for the present time’s communications with customer satisfaction.

2. Top Data and Talk time offers with Quality Objectives

Grameen Phone offers various minutes and talk-time plans, including GP 6 Minutes 2 TK, GP 8 Minutes 2.50 TK, GP 10 Min 3 Taka 6 Hours, Get 10 minutes TK 3, GP 12 Min 4 Taka 8 Hours and much more. Users can easily select their desired data and talk time plans according to their duration and money. As a result, Grameen Phone is aimed to place the phone to each hand in the rural areas that each people can contribute to the country’s economy with developing their own livelihood.

3. Great Strategies & Coverage Network

Grameen Phone’s great network coverage with strategies covers both urban as well as rural areas of Bangladesh. The operator builds its continuous network coverage with the cell to cell without any interruption. However, the intensity of network coverage can differ from one area to another that depends on the basic strategy and market conditions applied throughout the company.

4. Up-to-date Technology Support & Service

The Global System for Mobile (GSM) of Grameen Phone provides with latest and up to date technology support and service that are using in the digital system in the current world. From the latest technology, customers get the wonderful and best for the least. The company believes in the best service that leads to the good development and good business. Telephony with the latest technology helps people work jointly to raise their productivity which makes them enable to afford good telephone service. As a result, the business and development go together.

5. Stultified Grameen Phone Value Statements

They make it Easy and practical. They don’t make difficult things. The whole things they produce get easy to use and understand. They have no waste or jargon as they never forget they’re trying to make the lives customers simple and easy. Moreover, they keep a promise, respectful and inspired.

Grameen Phone customer care number

You can contact 24- hour with Grameen phone customer care number For More Information about them. Here are the address and contact numbers of Grameen Phone:

Phone Number: +88-02-9882990, +880-1799882990
Fax Number: +88-02-9882970

Email address: [email protected]


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