Essential Book list for 37th BCS Preliminary Exam

37th BCS preliminary exam is knocking at the door. There are not much time left for 37th BCS exam. Students started preparation for the preliminary exam long time ago. It’s high time I also started too. Actually, I have started BCS preli coaching from December of 2015. But couldn’t continue as because I was busy with FCPS training. And also I am very lazy. Today I have collected the list of necessary books for 37th BCS preliminary exam. BCS preparation should be taken in such a way that it should cover the BCS written exam also. Because after passing the BCS preliminary exam there will be very little time left to prepare fully for bcs written exam. A sound knowledge about everything is necessary for BCS preli and written exam. You don’t have to be a specialist in every subject. But you also can not ignore any particular subject. This post contains all the essential and necessary Book lists bcs.

36th BCS written exam will be held from 1st September 2016. So it can be assumed that the 37th BCS preli will be taken shortly after the bcs written exam. The BPSC published results of the BCS preliminary test on Feb 10. A total 13, 830 passed and were, therefore, eligible for the written exams. A total of 211,326 sat for the 37th BCS preliminary tests on Jan 8.

Essential book list for BCS preli

Download 37 BCS Circular 2016

37th BCS Preli Syllabus

First of all, you should have a clear idea regarding the syllabus. The new marks distribution is given below. Preliminary Test and written examinations are held in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet and Rangpur. For 200 number of MCQ type Questions having 1 mark for each correct answer but deduction of 0.5mark for each incorrect answer. If you don’t have the bcs syllabus, download it from below link:

BCS Preli Syllabus 2016 Download

Bangle Language and Literature: 35 marks
English Language and Literature: 35 mark
Bangladesh Topics: 30 marks
International Topics: 20 marks
Geography (Bangladesh and World), Environment and Disaster Management: 10 marks
General Knowledge: 15 marks
Computer and IT: 15 marks
Mathematics Logic: 15 marks
Mental Skills: 15 marks
Ethics, values, and good governance: 10 marks

Total: 200 marks

BCS Book list for All subjects:

  1. 10th to 36th BCS Preliminary Questions Collection
  2. Assurance/Professors BCS Digest
  3. Constitution of Bangladesh
  4. BCS Bangladesh and World Map
  5. Professors Job Solutions

BCS BooK lists for Bangla Language and Literature

  1. Soumitra Shekhar Bangla book
  2. SSC/HSC Bangla Book
  3. SSC  Bangla Grammar book [MUST]

BCS BooK lists for English Language and Literature

  1. English for Competitive Exam
  2. Grammar+idioms+preposition – Advance functional English by Kashem & Mohiuddin
  3. Literature – ABC of English literature
  4. Advanced Learners English Grammar book

BCS BooK lists for Mathematics Logic

  1. Oracle BCS Math Preli
  2. SSC math book [MUST]
  3. Class 8 Math book

BCS BooK lists for Science

  1. MP3 Series for Daily Science
  2. Dr. Jamil’s Daily Science
  3. SSC Physics Chemistry and Biology book for some selected chapter\

BCS BooK list for Bangladesh and International Affairs

  1. SSC geography, History, Social Science book
  2. Any good BCS book is good enough eg MP3, Professors etc
  3. “Ajker Bissow” if you have time.
  4. Short Cut BCS Bangladesh Affairs.

BCS BooK list for Geography (Bangladesh and World), Environment and Disaster Management:

  1. SSC books related topics
  2. Any Good BCS book for previous question analysis

BCS BooK lists for Computer and IT

  1. Easy Computer
  2. HSC books by Eng Mujibur Rahman

BCS Book List for Mental Skills

  1. Oracle or Professors mental skills
  2. Evening MBA Admission guides for Mental skill chapter

BCS Book List for Ethics, values, and good governance

  1. Professors Oracle or MP3

Some Tips for BCS Preparation From Experts:

  1. Don’t try to memorise current affairs like monthly book by Sushanta paul
  2. Follow the leaders who passed BCS previously in facebook
  3. Keep a record of your daily activities, evaluate and develop yourself.
  4. Try to read a daily paper. Not the first page or politics part, but the International part and important events.

How to Buy BCS books?

make a short list of books you want to buy. Go to Nilkhet or your nearest library, Buy books and start reading….Its simple.

Thanks, I am open to suggestions.

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