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Opera is a browser software. Today Opera has released the latest version 34 with new technology. It is now available to download. This new version of Opera comes with Latest Opera Turbo Technology. With Browsing in turbo mode you can get better speed on crowded or slow networks. You may ask, how does turbo works? Here is  the answer from opera blog:

The pages you visit go through one of our servers. The server identifies pieces of the page that can be compressed. It shaves off image pixels and corrects video buffering. Then, it sends back these smaller-sized pieces to your device.

Don’t worry, Opera is very serious about privacy. When you browse a secure site, like your bank or email, Opera get out of the way. Your secure data is sent directly between your device and the site.


This new version of Opera Turbo performs even better on congested Wi-Fi areas, such as cafés, airports or schools. You can browse up to 15% faster comparing to the previous version, if you use it with your phone as a hotspot on a 3G network. You’ll definitely feel the speed when you visit image-rich websites.

If you use a limited data package, like in the airport, you will notice that the new version of Opera Turbo saves up to 70% of the data you would normally use. That’s 23% more than the previous version of Opera Turbo in Opera for computers.


Download Opera 34

Opera (stable)

Opera beta

Opera developer


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