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The calculator is one of the basic apps that every Android has. Today I am going to share a calculator app that I have been using for about 3 years. The name is calcnote.  Well, it’s a simple calculator app but what I love most about this app it shows the instant result. And the best thing is multi-line calculation so you don’t have to delete any calculation to do a new one. Also, it’s very easy to use.

It’s free in the Play Store. You can download the app from below link the free apps have an advertisement that you may not like to remove ads you need to buy the paid version.

I will show you how to remove ads without root. If you have rooted android you can easily remove the ads with ad blocker extension and xposed framework. You have to use no root data Firewall and block Internet access for the calculator app you really don’t need Internet access for this app. If you like the app I suggest you show some courtesy to the developer by showing ads.


Download CalcNote from Playstore

Developer: Burton999

Cost: Free

Size: 21 MB

Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Features of Calc Note:

Source: Playstore

CalcNote is a new generation of calculator designed for the smartphone.
Just type an expression, the answer will be displayed instantly. No need to tap equals.
It works like Notepad or your word processor, you can see multiple questions and answers all at once.
It’s like a spreadsheet but much easier and simpler.
If you make a mistake, you don’t need to start again, you just fix the wrong expression.

Instant Calculator & real-time results
CalcNote will instantly evaluate any mathematical expression and display the result in real-time.
With a Notepad-style interface, you write operations on each line and see results instantly.
You can combine text-lines with calculations.

Multi-line calculations & references
Every line in CalcNote is evaluated so you can write different operations on each.
It even allows referencing lines as in Spreadsheet so you can do multi-line combined calculations (i.e. $2+$3 adds up the results from line 2 and 3).

Different keypads with operations
Swipe right-left to switch between different keypads with multiple operations you can perform.
Regular mathematical operations, logarithmic, trigonometric functions (i.e. sin, cos), permutations/combinations as well as a percentage calculator and unit converter.

Save & Export
In CalcNote you can organise your calculation sheets in folders, save them individually and even export expressions if you want to use them elsewhere (i.e. in Spreadsheet, in a scientific paper, etc.).

Customize appearance
You can customise CalcNote by changing its background/text colour, showing/hiding line numbers, fonts, display format, customise the keypad layout and much more.

Detailed Features List
– Regular mathematical operations
– Multi-line calculations
– Supports mix text and numbers in your calculations
– Supports a line reference
– Supports declaring a variable inline
– Percentage calculations
– Modulo operation
– Supports hexadecimal, octal and binary operations
– Square root, Cube root
– Power, Factorial
– Permutations, Combinations
– Trigonometric functions
– Aggregate functions
– Logarithm, Natural logarithm, Natural exponential function
– Customizable display format (European style and Indian style)
– Customizable appearance
– Customizable keypad layout
– Unit conversion (Area, Length, Weight, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume)
– Currency conversion (Supports 31 currencies)

I asked the following question: How can I remove all the calculations at once? Previously pressing the x button would do the trick. Now it removes one by one character at a time?

They gave the answer very soon and thanks to them. The answer is: Thank you for using CalcNote. You can clear all by swiping up the x button. Also, you can clear line by swiping down the x button.

Thanks for reading this post. Ifyou use another app, please let me know.


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