DIMS Download Medicine Drug Information App with Password

DIMS is a Android App which contains all drug information’s. DIMS is developed by TWgBD and supplied by Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited for the doctors. DIMS means Drug Information Management System. It contains almost all drugs information’s. It is helpful for all doctors. It is mainly for the Bangladeshi doctors to get the brand name of all pharmaceuticals companies. DIMS is the android mobile drug index apps of Bangladesh. If you have a Android mobile you should certainly have the dims.

DIMS is not available in Google Play or any other android market. I have uploaded it into Dropbox for you. You can get the DIMS from any user by Bluetooth or Share IT etc.

DIMS Download Medicine Drug Information App with Password

DIMS Download Medicine Drug Information App with Password

DIMS is the most comprehensive, advanced and up-to-date information source on available and recent drug products to serve the healthcare & pharmaceutical professionals in the country. DIMS help doctors and pharmaceutical professionals to manage their own professional skillfulness by access to useful information about drugs. It is owned and operated by “TWgBD (Telemedicine working group of Bangladesh)”.

Features of DIMS

It contains:

  1. Indications
  2. Dosage and administrations
  3. Contraindications
  4. Side effects
  5. Precautions
  6. Pregnancy category
  7. Pack size and Price

Download DIMS

The iPhone version is available in Apple Store.

Password of DIMS:

It shall be provided by your nearest Incepta pharmaceuticals representative. I dont know why they are doing this kind of blah blah….. I have collected the password from Facebook and sharing it for everyone. If they claim to remove it , I will do that.

Dims Password: 0#0dims0 [Its ZERO]

Please Share it with your Friends. Its intended to use for Medical Professionals only. TWgBD authority or this Website will not bear any kind of responsibility for misuse of this App.

Minor Bug Report:

  1. Company filter just stops at initial letter
  2. Update/sync remains hanged
  3. The registration menu doesn’t scroll up, so if full info is inserted during registration the DONE button gets below the visible screen so it can’t be seen to click in smaller smartphones.

Thanks to Mohammed Naheed Hassan Chy. He told these bugs.

UPDATE: 18.8.15

There has been some tremendous update on DIMS. See for yourself. The above minor bugs have been corrected.

Key Features & Benefits:

1. Drugs details (Indications, Dosage & administrations, Contraindications, Side effects, Precautions & warnings, FDA pregnancy category, Therapeutic class, Pack size & price).
2. Search Drugs (Search by Brand name, Generic name or Condition).
3. Drugs by Brands (A-Z brands).
4. Drugs by Generics (A-Z generics).
5. Drugs by Classes.
6. Drugs by Conditions.
7. Favourite Drugs (Bookmark any brand names).
8. Medical events (Information of international medical events).
9. Feedback (Can directly post your valuable suggestion, advice & comments).
10. Advance search (Can choose different search categories).

Size: 23M

Requires Android: 2.3 and up


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