How To Customize 404 Page in Genesis WordPress Theme

404 Page is an essential part of regular website. Genesis comes with a full SEO optimized 404 page. Now what is a SEO Optimized 404 page? Its like when a visitor lost in a open Sea, you should show him the direction. When a visitor finds a 404 page in your website, he/she is really get frustrated. It is normal that the visitor will close the tab. And you will lost a potential visitor. So you can turn this lost sailor to a regular visitor. I am going to show you how you can edit the 404 page. Genesis is a good framework. I suppose you are using a Child theme. We will copy the 404 template in child theme. Why is that so? If we edit the parent theme, we will lost it in updated theme. They’ll be overwritten with the next update.

Simply Download the 404.php template, extract and Upload php file it to your child theme folder
404 Page

404 Page

Add 404 page template in child Theme:

child theme does not have 404 page template by default. We need to copy the genesis 404 page template here. Log in to your cpanel. Go to Theme folder. It usually goes like this: wp-content/themes/genesis. Now copy the 404 page template and paste it into wp-content/themes/eleven40.

How To Edit 404 Page:

now go to WP Dashboard and Click on Appearance > Editor and select the child theme you’re using. Click on the 404.php file in the right sidebar and edit it.

A Genesis default 404 shows the site pages, authors, archives, recent posts and categories. You can remove any of them. See here my 404 page

How To Edit 404 Page heading:

By default Genesis shows “Not Found, Error 404″ at the top of the default 404 page. You can change the text as your wish. Look for the below code and change it:

Not change anything other than that.

How to Edit 404 Page Error Message:

Error message is something that shows below the tile and contains links to Homepage. Add some funny things to amaze your visitor. peoples are bored to see same things everywhere.

How To Reduce the Number of Recent Posts in 404 Page:

By default 404 pages shows 100 recent posts. It is too much I think. Looks like bunch of links and you are not going to read them. So just reduce the number to 10. See below how to do that:

Look for the below code:

Change the value 100 to what number you want.

Also see Hide Pages from the 404 Page in a Genesis WordPress Theme

How to Insert Image in 404 Page:

I was searching it desperately. but it is impossible to insert image in 404.php file. I have to insert code by hooks and call the 404 action. I have found this by Jennifer Baumann in her blog but does not work for me. I dont know the problem, you can give it a try. i am going to show you how to add image in 404 page. assuming you have this great plugin Genesis – Simple Hooks. You will need this not only for this post, but to add any code anywhere of your theme. See here 3 Great Uses for Genesis Simple Hooks Plugin or Simple Hooks tutorial. This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to insert code (HTML, Shortcodes, and PHP), and attach it to any of the 50+ action hooks throughout the Genesis Theme Framework, from StudioPress.

I was mad at this. Now found  a great solution. simply insert the image link with alt tag below or above search form. Amy place will do. it was not working for me. Later found that easily working on my other site htttp:// Now copied the link from there and boom ! its working.

I have added it after header hook, you can add anywhere you want. Copy and paste the below code in genesis-after-Header Hook


Insert Image in 404 Page

Insert Image in 404 Page

Genesis 404 Page Plugin

Customize the content of the 404 Page within the Genesis Theme Framework. you can customize your 404 page’s title and content in Genesis > 404 Page. Get the Genesis 404 Page Plugin

Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404

use widgets to maintain and customize your 404 Error and Search Not Found pages in Genesis Framework and Child Themes. Instead of adding content through your post editor, this plugin will register a new widget section in the sidebar. Place your search form widget, custom menu, recent post widget, Genesis featured post widget etc.

Get Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404 plugin.

Use the above plugin if you are not so familiar with coding.

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