How To Use Custom Permalinks For Blogger Posts

Using proper Permalinks are one of the best method for SEO. You can not just ignore the power of permalinks. but unfortunately the Blogger has not this feature previously. As the new Blogger system has evolved it is more easy to use a custom permalinks. This permalink will represent the content of the page. Previously it was choosen by the blogger by taking the first few words of the Title. Now you can choose what words you want to see in permalinks. Usually Blogger automatically creates a long permalink, which are not SEO friendly such. But by this method you can override this and create a custom permalinks for blogger posts. As for example and we can change it to

You can choose the option to generate the URLs for posts automatically, the customized option gives your URL greater stability. For example, because Blogger automatically creates the URL from information from your post title, your URL would change If you decide to edit the title. This would result in broken links, and fewer visitors to your blog. Ultimately a great LOSS.

How To Create Custom Permalinks For Blogspot.

We changed it to:

How To Create Custom Permalinks For Blogger Posts


This will work on new post, you can not change the permalink of the previous post. That will create a 404 ! So lets begin.

How To Change Permalinks For Blogger Post:

  1. Create a new post (you can not change published posts URL)
  2. At the right side of the page you will see Post settings, click on it.
  3. Click on Permalink tab
  4. Check Custom URL
  5. Write your desired SEO friendly URL. Do not keep space.
  6. You can see the created URL before publishing.
  7. At last click on Done button.

So now you have got it !

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