Common Smart phone Myths Thats are not True should stop believing today

Nowadays almost everybody has a Smartphone. It is one of the best modern inventions that put you in a position that you couldn’t even imagine 10 years back. Well, only a Nokia 1100 can do the basic task of communication. But the Smartphone is for multitasking. A lot of essential functions have made it part and parcel of daily life. As the smartphone grows, some rumors or myths or misconceptions are also present there. Today I will tell you some of them. With the advancement of technology, these smartphone myths are debunked.

Common Smart phone Myths Thats are not True

Common Smartphone Myths That’s are Not True

Here are the true facts: Keep it in mind, these are TRUE FACTS

  1. Charging your smartphone overnight does not kill the battery.
  2. Task managers does not help to prolong your battery life.
  3. Gaming drains much more battery than the Internet.
  4. More cores do not means better performance.
  5. You do not need to charge your phone to full before first using it.
  6. Turning off your phone does not damage the battery. Rather a simple Reboot can make the device faster.
  7. Using a Task Killer Will Speed Up Your Android Phone.
  8. No need to Drain Your Phone’s Battery Completely Before Charging It.
  9. You do not need Screen protectors to prevent scratches. Most of the higher-end phone has features to prevent scratches.
  10. Megapixels have nothing to do with the Camera. Yes , its true. Most of the people look for Megapixels before buying the phone. The marketing policy also targets these customers. Nowadays Selfie is a trend. And there is some Selfie camera phone also available. iPhone still offers 8 megapixels camera while many Android phones even offer 16 MP camera. More megapixels means large size photo, not the best quality.
  11. Android phone does not get viruses. Only a few malware can affect your phone. But only if you are installing them from outside Google Play. SO you don’t need any Antivirus app.
  12. Cell phones do not cause Cancers.
  13. You can use your phone while it is charging. There nothing wrong with it.
  14. Do not let your smartphone battery die. Charge it when it goes below 20%. You don’t need to drain it regularly.
  15. Frequent charges will do no damage to your battery.
  16. Turning off Bluetooth and WiFi does not prolong battery life. They only consume battery when they are being used. But unless you are using it, you should probably turn them off.
  17. Off-brand chargers will not damage your battery. But the charger came with phones will charge it better.
  18. The magnet will not erase your data.

That’s all for now. If you happen to know any more, let me know. I will add that to the list. Thanks.

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