Most Common Grammar Mistakes That You Should Avoid [infographic]

Grammar Mistakes is common among us. Even when i am writing this, I may have done some mistakes. Today I have found this beautiful infographic showing the most common grammar mistakes. This infographic is made by You can download a copy of pdf to keep save it in your computer. Errors and misspelling can make you look like a beginner. Avoiding these grammatical errors will make you professional. I have kept a copy of this infographic in my desktop. So that i can see it whenever i am writing.

A small mistake can kill your chance to be a salesman, a great idea, or even an application of job. This would reflect how much you are unprofessional and careless. We use facebook, email, twitter, blogging etc everyday. So from now we should be careful when making a post.

According to Melissa Walsh, “The use of “I” as an object drives me crazy. For example, “Jim helped Bob and I move.” Of course, the sentence should be, “Jim helped Bob and me move.”

Steven Rice has said that, “I know it was already said, but “I seen that” instead of “I saw that” is one of the worst in my opinion!”

As for example: Effect vs. Affect

A result = Effect. For example: “The lighting had a major effect on productivity levels. With more natural light in the room, employees appear more inspired”

To influence = Affect. For example: “The new HR team is affecting employees’ motivation, and the feedback we have been receiving is overwhelmingly positive!”

Most Common Grammar Mistakes

Most Common Grammar Mistakes That You Should Avoid [infographic]

Most Common Grammar Mistakes That You Should Avoid

I have tried to avoid grammar mistakes, but if you found one, let me know. Also if you have experienced or have seen other common mistakes let me know in the comment. I will add that in the post with your name on it.


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