Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni HD Wallpapers Without Watermark

Bangladeshi Actress Pori Moni born on 24 October 1992 is one the rising actresses in the Bangladeshi film industry. Rokto is her most recent movie. It is scheduled to release on this Eid. Most probably it is going to be a Blockbuster. Jazz multimedia is bringing this action movie for the first time by Pori Moni. Her previous movies are not that good. Pori moni has admitted that and said that she is being used by the directors. She has also said that she is learning from experience. And she will deliver the quality movie in future. She came to media from Modeling. She is going to make her acting debut in the Bangladeshi film with the movie Rana Plaza with actor Symon Sadik directed by A J Rana. But this movie is banned for movie theaters. Rana Plaza will never be telecasted in Cinema Hall as per the decision of the Government. It’s really frustrating. I virtually fall in Love with this beautiful lady after a saw this picture of Pori Moni. It is really nice to know she comes from Jessore. My hometown is her hometown. So this post is an addition to my collection of pori moni wallpaper photos. Pori Moni HD Wallpapers collection is here. All of the Pori Moni HD Wallpapers are watermark free.

Pori Moni Latest 40 High Quality HD Photos Wallpaper 2016

Pori Moni Biography

  • Original Name: Samsun Nahar
  • Nickname: Pori, Srity
  • Date of Birth: 24th October 1992
  • Birth Place: Kalia, Narail, Bangladesh.
  • Pori Moni mother died when she was only 3years old.
  • Pori Moni Father: He was a businessman, He died in 2012.
  • Occupation: Model and film actress.
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi By Birth
  • Religion: Islam (Sunni)
  • We hear Film director Rokib is her boyfriend but She is not confirming that.
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Height:5’6”
  • Weight: 55 to 60kg
  • First Released Movie:Bhalobasha Shimaheen
  • Swimming,Dance And drive the car.

Pori Moni HD Wallpapers 30+ Photos Without Watermark


Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252820-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252824-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252814-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25289-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252810-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25284-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25285-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25287-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25286-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25288-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25283-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25282-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-25281-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252813-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252812-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252817-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252818-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252811-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252825-2529
Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252816-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252826-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252815-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252822-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252823-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252827-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252821-2529 Pori-Moni-Wallpaper-Photos-Images-Videos-Without-Watermark-252828-2529

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